Saint Medal - oxidized

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Fine Oxidized Medals

Approx 1" H x 5/8" L
Made in Italy
Come with saint's history, patronage, & a prayer

Available Saints: 

Agatha - breast cancer & disease, against fire, earthquakes, jewelers, nurses, rape-victims, & sterility

Agnes - girl scouts, engaged couples, rape-victims, chastity, garners

Andrew - against sudden death & stroke victims

Ann - grandparents, against poverty, carpenters, childless people, housewives, miners, mothers, pregnant women, women in labor.

Aloysius - aids pateents & caregivers, sore eyes, kidney disease, diabetes

 - lost articles, against shipwrecks, against starvation, American Indians, amputees, elderly, Alzheimer, sterility, animals, expectant mothers, poor

Benedict - farmers, fever, gallstones, inflammatory diseases, kidney disease, school children, coppersmiths, dying people, against poison, against witchcraft

Bernadette - against bodily ills, asthma & shepherds

Blaze - healthy throats, vets, whopping cough, wool weavers, animals, builders, carvers, construction workers

Catherine - attorneys, educators, librarians, craftsmen who work with a wheel, jurists, librarians, mechanics, nurses, scholars, schoolchildren, teachers, unmarried girls

Cecilia - composers, music, musical instrument makers, poets, singers

Charles - against ulcers, intestinal disorders, seminarians, spiritual leaders, stomach disease

Christopher - motorists, archers, boatmen, toothache, travelers, trucks, bus & cab drivers

Dymphna - epilepsy, against sleepwalking, family happiness, incest victims, insanity, loss of parents, mental disorders, MS, mental health caregivers, nervous disorders, possessed people, princesses, psychiatrists, rape victims, runaways, autism

Elizabeth - widows, loss of parents, in-law problems, death of children

Florian - against fires, brewers, chimney sweeps, against drowning, firefighters

Francis of Assisi - animals, birds, merchants, peace, environment, families

Francis of Cabrini - immigrants, hospital administrators, orphans

Gabriel - broadcasters, clergy, communication workers, postal workers, radio  TV workers

George - agricultural workers, archers, Boy Scouts, butchers, equestrians, horses, skin diseases, soldiers, syphilis

Gerard - childbirth, children, expectant mothers, good confession, lay brothers, motherhood, pro-life movement unborn children

Hubert - hunting, archers, dogs, machinists, mathematicians

James - against arthritis, pharmacists, equestrians, vets

Joan of Arc - soldiers, emergency services, woman's army corps, captives, women

John of God - alcoholics, heart patients, bodily ills, bookbinders, book sellers, dying people, firefighters, hospitals, nurses, publishers, sickness,

Joseph - fathers, families, against doubt, against hesitation, carpenters, dying people, engineers, happy & holy death, house hunters & sellers, laborers, people who fight, social justice, protector of the church, travelers, working people

Jude - desperate situations, forgotten causes, hospital workers, quitting smoking

Lucy - blind, eye disease, against hemorrhages, laborers, salesmen, stained-glass workers, writers, authors, throat infections

Matthew - accountants, bankers, bookkeepers, customs officers, financial officers/ managers, stockbrokers, tax collectors

Michael - police officers, military, against temptation, ambulance drivers, artists, bakers, EMTs, grocers, paramedics, radiologists, sick people, holy death

Our Lady of Guadeloupe - unborn babies, pregnant women, the Americas, families

Our Lady Knock - Ireland

Our Lady Miraculous Medal

Padre Pio
 - healing

Patrick - Ireland, against snakes, snake bites, engineers

Peregrine - cancer patients, aids sufferers, open sores, skin disease

Peter - feet problems, bakers, bridge builders, butchers, fishermen, locksmiths, masons, watchmakers

Philomina - bodily ills, desperate causes, lost causes, the sick

Raphael - doctors, blind people, eye disease & problems, happy meetings, lovers, nurses, travelers, pharmacists, young people

Rita - abuse victims, against loneliness, against sterility, difficult marriage, infertility, widows, victims of spousal abuse

Roch - bachelors, cholera, dogs, falsely accused, knee problems, skin rashes, surgeons

Sacred Heart of Jesus

 - athletes, dying people, archers, soldiers

Theresa Avila - headaches, bodily ills, lace-makers, loss of parents, opposition to church authority, people in need of grace, people in religious orders, people ridiculed for their piety, the sick
Theresa Little Flower - suffers, air crews, aids, aviators, bodily ills, florists, loss of parents, missionaries, sickness

Mother Theresa