Jacket - Sweater Coat

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Jacket - "Double Collar" Sweater Coat - Made in Ireland by West End Knitwear, Co. Kildare - 100% Merino Wool

This coat has a very unique zipper with the Celtic Knot symbol.  This garment is knitted by using truly unique Aran patterns which are simply beautiful, they are symbols that can tell stories. "Fisherman's stitch (cable)", "Diamond", and "Moss" are several stitches used.  They can represent Success, Luck and Love ..

Available in Colors Parsnip (off White), Charcoal, or Wine. Sizes XS to XL

3/29/16 - sorry, out-of-stock

If a different size/color needed, pleas allow 3  weeks for us to receive from Ireland.  Thank you!