We strive to be open 361 afternoons/year. Sometimes... family has to come first. I am just one person with two young sons, employee challenges, & life in general. My two sons are growing so fast... I don’t want to miss their baseball game or fishing trip because I work all the time. Here are the hours we stick to 99% of the time... if we have to close, a note will be on the door, on our Facebook Page, and on our website. Thank you for your understanding & thank you so much for your business!
2/10/18 - I may be a little late opening - should be here by 12:30. My son has baseball camp until 11:30. Thank you for understanding.
Tuesday, Wed, Th, Fri, Sat: Noon - 4pm School Days Closed from 3-4 for Pickup
Sundays: 1pm - 4pm
Monday & Holidays ~ No Scheduled Hours… but try to be open 1-4pm
Please call ahead (570) 325-8380 or check here if making a special trip to see us... just in case we have to close to put family first:)
Hours subject to change during the year to accommodate family obligations. Please check back for updates before planning your visit. Open Winter Weather Permitting.. Winter Storm Hours will usually follow the Jim Thorpe Area School District Schedule
Thanks for your business!